NF21A/NC21 Smart Slim Zinc Alloy Password Card Fingerprint Remote Control

Short Description:

NF-21 Model, our smart fingerprint digital lock: small lock with great wisdom! Updated system from previous NF-21A model, easy operation and simplified design. Plus the semi-Conductor fingerprint, 304 stainless steel lock body, silence lock latch, and zinc alloy locks case, mobile phone control, it's a good choice for home, and rental apartment and commercial office.

Product Introduction

NF21A/NC21, small lock body with big wisdom, easy to operate and simplified design, we choose Semi-Conductor fingerprint, 304 stainless steel lock body,with silence lock latch, zinc alloy locks case, to make NF21A/NC21 digital locks more suitable for our modern life.

Product scene

Product Details


● 5 ways to unlock: Fingerprint , Password, Card(Mifare-1), Mechanical keys, Remote control.

● Color: Gold, Silver, Gray, Black.

● Semi-conductor fingerprint used to avoid fake fingerprint opening.

● Protective inputting is more safety to open by password.

● The compact size fits all wooden doors and metal doors.

● Remote controller can opening the locks at once.

● Emergency powersupply in case of lost power.

● We can customize production according to your requirements,OEM/ODM.


Fingerprint (NF21A only )

Fingerprint Sensor Semi-Conductor
Fingerprint Capacity 100pcs
Recognition Angle 360〫
False Reject Rate (FRR) ≤0.01%
False Accept Rate (FAR) ≤0.0001%



Password Length 6-8 digits
Password Capacity 50 Groups



Card Type Mifare-1
Card Capacity 100pcs


Remote Control(RC)

RC Capacity 10pcs(Optional)


Power Supply

Battery Type AA Batteries (1.5V*4pcs)
Battery Life 10000 operation times
Low-Power Alert ≤4.8V


Power Consumption

Static Current ≤60uA
Dynamic Current <200mA
Peak Current <200mA



Material Zinc Alloy
Working Temperature -40℃~85℃
Working Humidity 20%~90%


Packing details:

● 1X  Smart Door Lock .
● 3X  Mifare Crystal Card.
● 2X  Mechanical Keys.
● 1X  Carton Box.
● 1X  Remote controller (Optional).


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